Meet Alex

Alex Covert ( is a self-taught painter, performer, and workshop facilitator originally from the United States and currently based in Amsterdam.

Her current creative focus is on the intersection of painting and performance. Her work explores the power of vulnerability as she attempts to shed her conditioned layers to discover her authentic self. 

Facilitating co-creation workshops since 2021, Alex helps people from all walks of life to reacquaint themselves with their inner creator, connect with each other, and move through creative blocks.

She spent years leaning into her conditioning, convincing herself that she was not an artist, and working as a lawyer in New York. It wasn’t until August 2021, after many years spent supporting other artists as both a lawyer and performer, that she first dared to show her own creative work.

Alex’s performances are about taking off masks – there is no makeup, no costume, no role to play, and no choreography. She bares herself completely, showing the audience her soul, her creative process, and her unfiltered form. What scares her most each time she steps on stage is the idea that, since she does not prepare any choreography, she has no idea what she is doing and will forget how to create under the scrupulous gaze of the audience. So far though, her creations flow, and she has been able to welcome the challenges as they arrive.