Connective Co-Creation: A Team-Building Workshop

Imagine an art class focused on freedom, play, and connection. In this workshop, there is no wrong, right, good, or bad. Just expression, unbridled creativity, co-creation and non-attachment.

With the playful guidance of the workshop facilitator, participants work together on one canvas, collaboratively building a beautiful abstract painting together in small groups, with the invitation to switch groups and paintings halfway through the session.

Gives participants insights into different ways of playing and working together, while creating the opportunity for individuals to move through any conditioned blocks against their own expressions of creativity.

The workshop price depends on group size and is available upon request.


1.5 – 2.5 hours

Group size:

3-25, split into groups of 3-4

Destruction & Creation: Anger Expression for Women

A full day in community to get in touch with and openly express our anger. 

We start with a sharing circle in the center of Amsterdam, then travel outside the city to demolish a car together, and return from the destruction for a guided creative session.


7 hours

Group size:

8 – 11

Upcoming Dates:

TBD (possible for groups on request)

Requested Contribution:

Starting at €155 per person (includes travel, car smash, snacks, and art supplies)

Office Mural: Team-Building Workshop

This creative workshop lends itself to large teams or entire companies, as a way to work together and add an element of creativity directly to the office space.

Working together with the team, Alex will design a mural that reflects the values of the team and company. The mural design contains complex elements that Alex will execute herself as well as free space for a large co-painting. Over the course of one week, she invites all team members to participate in the painting process.

This weeklong painting workshop culminates in a final reveal – showcasing a mural in the office space where the entire team has contributed to the painting. Whether it was helping to layer a base color or having a more open contribution, everyone has learned something about themselves and their teammates.


3-5 days

Group size:



Depends on mural and team size

Studio Sessions: Create Your Own Artwork

Have you been longing to get back in touch with your inner child, to try something new, or to create an artwork for your home? Come alone or with friends and join Alex in her Amsterdam studio for private painting sessions.

She provides all the materials and guidance needed for you to make your own work of art – abstract, figurative, realistic, or anywhere in between. Whether you come with your own idea or you aren’t sure where to begin, Alex will support you over the course of two three-hour sessions.


Two sessions of 3 hours

Group size:



(includes all materials and one 50 x 50cm canvas): €200 for one person, €300 for two people, €425 for three people, €550 for four people

Photo by Charlie McKee